About Better Prepared

With the Better Prepared campaign, we aim to bring the benefits of Scouting to 200 of the most deprived areas of the UK by 2018. 

“We want to empower young people and help pull the community together”

- Nathan, Group Scout Leader

To achieve this, we need to recruit more adult volunteers; find places for groups to meet; and help our local Scout volunteers to develop Scouting in their areas.

We have a long history of founding successful Scout groups. And to make sure the new units are sustainable, we will embed them into existing local Scouting structures so they receive the training, support and management required to make sure that they continue in the long term.

We are already opening Scout groups 70 of the 200 most deprived areas of England thanks to support from key funders, but in order to change the lives of even more young people, we need your help. 

You can support us by donating here. Your donation will go directly to helping more young people have the adventure of a lifetime. 

We also need more volunteers to help us open groups in each of the 200 Better Prepared areas.  Across the country, Scouting needs 16,000 more adult volunteers to ensure that it provide this life-changing opportunity to the 40,000 young people on our waiting list.  If you would like to volunteer or know more about how you can support locally then please complete our Promise (link to promise website) and we will be in touch.

It’s a brilliant experience for those who love adventure and working with young people. Being a volunteer changed my life and I am proud I can change the lives of the young people in the community where I live and work.

- Carlos, a volunteer at 23rd Poplar